Sports Combo Arena – Interactive Play System

Sports Combo Arena – Interactive Play System

Let the games begin! Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Archery, Nerf Shootout…. The Combo Sports Arena can do it all. Choose your sport and it’s Game On! Aim at 8 different targets as they light up in a random sequence. Hit the target that corresponds to your team color. Use all the skills you have and score more points than your opponent! The digital scoreboard keeps track of who is the fastest and most accurate. Get the most points before time runs out and the buzzer sounds! With interactive sound, lights, and digital scoring, this game is sure to be an attention getter. 1-2 Players.
To add a personal touch, we also offer a themed banner set, allowing you to brand the combo sports arena to fit the theme of your choice.


Interactive Sports Combo Arena

w x d x h


Power Required:
1-15 amp / 110v