Game Trailer Rentals Atlanta

Burgess Events & Special Events is one of the top leading vendors for carnival ride rentals in the state of Georgia and surrounding areas. We have over 10 different carnival rides that we can offer for all types of events and occasions! However, we don’t stop at just rides! Our inventory has expanded to include Game Trailers!

If you’re looking to add some fun to your events, look no further! Burgess Events has 3 different game trailers to offer – a Water Blaster Game Trailer, a 4-Sided Carnival Game Trailer, and our 1-Sided Carnival Game Trailer. With flags, bells, whistles, and dozens of chasing lights, these trailers are sure to be a hit for all ages and events! All games are multiplayer and can accommodate large crowds with ease. All of our game trailers give the client different options to choose from when deciding what games to book.

The Water Blaster Game Trailer allows 16 participants at once and can come stocked with plush prizes at an additional cost. The 4-Sided Game Trailer has 8 different 2 player games, so it also accommodates up to 16 participants at once. Our 1-Sided Game Trailer has 6 different 2 player games, so it can accommodate up to 12 participants at once. All trailers can be stocked with prizes at an additional cost if desired by the client. The 4-Sided and 1-Sided Game Trailers come with the option to staff them yourself if desired. However, Burgess can handle all of your event needs, including the staff!

Contact us today for more information on our game trailers and other carnival rentals that we have to offer! Remember, it is never too early to start planning your next event. We’re just a phone call or email away, so let us know how we could assist in making your next event spectacular!

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