Ferris Wheel Rental Atlanta

Ferris WheelBurgess Events & Special Events is one of the top leading vendors for carnival ride rentals in Georgia. We have over 10 different carnival rides that we can offer for all types of events and occasions! From our Ferris Wheel all the way to train rides, we have every type of carnival ride to accommodate all preferences! Our 40ft, 10 bucket Ferris Wheel features chasing turbo lights and is the only one of this size in the area!

Our Ferris Wheel has been all around the southeast region and hasn’t stopped there! It’s been featured in multiple film productions, such as: Twentieth Century Fox’s “The Passage,” Term Life, Revolution, and more! With 10 bucket seats, our Ferris Wheel is able to accommodate 20-30 passengers at a time. Reaching a maximum height of 40ft, our wheel isn’t too small or too big! Our Ferris Wheel is just right for any occasion!

Whether it’s a company event, school event, or even a church festival, people of all ages enjoy riding our Ferris Wheel! With a 13 minute total experience, people are able to relax and enjoy a nice view from the top of our wheel, but without taking up a majority of their time to enjoy the event. Parents are able to enjoy a relaxing ride with the kids or even just ride with each other if they’d rather escape for a minute. It’s the perfect piece for all ages and occasions!

If you have an event to book, Burgess Events has your back! Contact us today for more information on our Ferris Wheel and other carnival rides and rentals that we offer. Remember, it is never too early to start planning your next event! We’re just a phone
call or email away, so let us know how we can help your next event be a great success!

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