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For over 30 years, Burgess Events & Special Events has been providing interactive entertainment and corporate events planning in Atlanta for all sorts of events such as: corporate events & company picnics, school & church festivals, trade shows, employee appreciation events, casinos, team building, hospitality suites, and much more! Our dedicated team provides the highest level of service, creativity, and expertise that the industry has to offer. With corporate events being one of our top services, we are sure to accommodate all your company’s needs!

Carnival Rides Rentals for Special Events Georgia

Carnival Rides Rentals for Special Events Georgia

Corporate events have a special role in a company’s culture. Whether it’s an annual appreciation, a family picnic, or other type of event, it is important that your company be represented in the best light. Corporate events also tell guests who you are as a company. Whether it is big or small, hosting any type of corporate event will say a lot about your company and will be recognized and appreciated by all of your employees plus their family members.

Corporate events also allow the opportunity for the employees to interact and engage in fun activities with each other without having the typical stress of a work day added to it. Therefore, your employees can be more engaged in meetings and discussions at work without hesitation, won’t be intimidated speak up with an idea if given the chance, and will overall establish a more friendly atmosphere in your workplace. Although, when planning corporate events, you must take into account the diversity of your employees and the guests that will attend. Some may like carnival rides, whereas others are only interested in the games that are offered. With our vast inventory, we are sure to meet all the needs of any and all corporate events, large or small.

Contact Burgess Events today for more information on corporate events and other services we can offer! We don’t stop at just amusements! We can provide a variety of vendors, equipment rentals, and event planning services to accommodate a diverse range of events!

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